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Hot chick blows some guy

Sweet! How many of you wouldn't like to have a maid just like her, eh?

Miosotis (mega post)

This blog needs a bit more Miosotis.

^^ Miosotis and Nadine Jansen trying on bras.

^^ Anna Song sucking on Miosotis' massive boobs.

Uploaded by basis5

^^ Miosotis lap dancing...

Hope you guys enjoy this post

Anna Song

Anna Song is one of those girls I will never get tired of. She's come a long way since her early days with Bettie Ballhaus, don't you think?

Picture time

Hi there! I'm gonna start using an image host provider other than blogger, just because the other day I realized they seem to have a limit for our files. Anyhow, enjoy the pictures!

Ps. I wish I knew why I'm explaining myself here. Seriously...

Candid boobs and other boobs

^^ Part one of this super sexy candid video.

^^ Part 2. There are a lot of candid videos taken from buses. Some are pretty crappy, but this one is good nough to be posted here.

As a side note, I'd like to remind everybody that contributions/ suggestions/ feedback/ ideas are all welcome via: Thank you, and please come again!!

Strange boobies related video

^^ I don't know what to think of this video. Sure, the boobs are ok and the girl looks like a good fucker (not that I would know that), but she looks like she's possessed or is at least having hallucinations... Anyhoo...

Natalia Domestico

Here we go again. I can't get enough of her. Thanks to Califeras Unidas!!!

One very lovely lady

First off, sorry for not having posted in so long. I'm currently going crazy in school: assignments, presentations, etc. Anyhoo, going back to business. I want y'all to know one very special lady. Her name is Annie, and she's a new BBW model. This is Annie's website, click here! You wanna know why she's on this blog? Well, check them out:

More free previews here, here, here, here (I'm getting tired now), here, and here! Enjoy!! I know I did :0)

Boobies bouncing

^^ Sweet Krissy showing us the goods. This video has some advertisement at the beginning and end so just bear with me. I still the think the bounciness makes up for that :)

New discovery

^^ She's not really "new" as apparently she's been posted all over. Still, not bad, not bad at all. Expect more from her...


A couple of contributions

These candid videos were sent by BlackStreetBBW. A pretty cool blog dedicated to the bigger, beautiful ladies. Drop in for a visit.

^^ Short and sweet, wouldn't you say?

Ps. I got an e-mail from somebody asking me for a certain lady. I just wanted to tell you I found her. Just a little tease for y'all...

TV Cleavage

^^ This lady has a massive cleavage. I don't like her face, though. Oh well...

^^ She's more my type. Pretty in red, with big, bouncing boobs.

Cam girl

^^ Can I get a slice of sweety pie? Oh, and can I get a side order of melons, too?

^^ Pretty decent looking girl talking about her day (???). She named the video 'boobies' probably to get more views, so here you go!!!

Girls only want to have fun

^^ I know, you might be thinking you've seen the big-boobed chick wearing blue before. My guess is that this is another video (there was more dancing on the other one, this one is more "acting").

Elena Udrea

For those who didn't know, Elena Udrea is the Romanian Minister of Tourism. Suddenly, I feel like I should visit Romania soon haha.

Mysterious boob girl

The mysteries of life...

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