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One very sexy police officer

Boy, am I ready to be served and protected...

She's got a bit of a Dita Von Teese feel to her

I don't think Dita Von Teese has tits as big as this chick does, though :(

Picture time

More pictures of my favourite topic, boobs!

Create a banner contest

Hey guys and gals.

So, I was thinking that this blog could use some original stuff, like a personalized banner and such. I thought it'd be neat to get the readers involved so I'm thinking of creating a contest. No need for anything fancy, just something simple and neat.

There's only three rules: 1) the design must be original, 2) you will give me full rights to the use of the banner (heheh no one will suspect this is the first stage of my super-evil plan to rule the world, oh wait, did I just write this?), and 3) if you wanna use pictures they must come from any post from this blog, ONLY.

To help you get started, here's a bunch of really cool pictures you might want to use. I don't know what to give as a prize, maybe some promotion? a couple of movie files? What do you think? Contest ends June 30!!

Update. I decided I will give you a video of Lily Valentine and another one that is a surprise, but believe me when I say it's hot!!

From Brazil with love...

I would very much like to introduce you to this lovely lady, her name is Sabrina and well she's got two very powerful reasons to get to know her...

^^ The video is kinda silly (with the boing, boing and all), but it's still pretty watchable :)

Big tits

^^ A great video of my most favourite theme, boobs bouncing :0) On other news, I got a comment someone asking where he/she could watch full episodes of Paris Hilton's My New BFF so you can check here, here, and here. Have fun and see you around!

Girl flashing boobs

hahaha I love it when you find a video that displays nudity in youtube. Well, actually it's just a bit of webcam boob flashing, but still! Enjoy it while it lasts :)

32HH Ashley from DreamOfAshley

British busty model Ashley in an interview. She's cute and has big tits, what else can you want? Thanks to bigtitstv for posting this :)

Silly girl

Every now and then, I like watching videos like these ones. It gives me hope for the future :0)

^^ Funny voice :0) Other things to notice: the cleavage (and boobs) on both girls, and just how freaking cute they are...

^^ I love their dancing skills hahhaha.

Amber's boobs getting sucked by XX-Cel

^^ I know this is pretty old by now, but I'd expect that some people would appreciate it. Oh, and seriously guys, leave a comment or two!!!

Bouncing boobs

Two videos for y'all today. the two of them with plenty of boob bouncing action, one is kinda funny, the other one is slow-mo. So, let's watch them, eh?

^^ Now, this is a nice way to sell insurance... What a cool commercial, huh? You can thank Trident insurance for all the bouncing boobies :0)

^^ Slow-mo bouncing boob action! Is it me or is this girl in another video? hmmm Let me know, I'm pretty sure I've seen her in another video...

Paris Hilton's BBF

Quite a bit late to be showing this, but figure why not?

^^ Watch this, especially around the 1:28 mark or so. Meddy makes her first appearence in this show, and oh man!

^^ A picture to show you what you mised if you didn't watch the clip.

Extremely hot candid video

^^ Check out these tight tits in tops. Boy, is she hot or what?

More busty vloggers

More chicks making fools out of themselves. Enjoy!

Busty vlogger

So, continuing to show busty vloggers here's the newest addition to the series, SugarCookieYAY.

^^ Let us first get to know the starts of the show.

^^ Fast-paced boob shaking.

^^ The grand finale... I'm just posting this one here because as states on her page: "heres your tits for all the middle age men, they have to have SOMETHING to oogle. 18 & 21 yo. song: kelise milkshake." I'm not middle aged, but how can I say no to her? I have to have something to oogle on...

Ps. Sorry for not having posted anything in a while...

Random busty pictures

So continuing with my efforts to make the loading of my page a bit easier (those youtube videos are pretty heavy for some reason), I'll continue to make a bunch of girls famous. Hey, what can I write? I love making busty girls famous.

Mara Barnetti

^^ I present to you Marla Barnetti. She's something else, isn't she?
Ps. The first girl with the orange bikini is somebody else. Her name is Carla Archita, pretty big tits, eh?

Picture time

I noticed my blog was getting a bit heavy (???), so I'll be posting a few pictures to make loading a bit faster. Don't forget to vote on my poll, and comment on my posts. I really appreciate comments and that sorta stuff!

Random busty vlogger

Hallo y'all. This post will just have random vloggers with two good reasons to watch them for. If you like any of them, leave a comment so I'll know which one to post more videos of.

^^ Let's start with this hot BBW busty black woman. She's got some huge boobs, eh?

^^ She's cute plus she's got a nice rack.

^^ The end. Hope y'all enjoy this post. Don't forget to comment on the entries people!!!

Busty vlogger

A warning about this post:

Judging by some comments on her page some of these videos may be boring!!! Fortunately for me, I always watch my videos with no sound on, so perhaps you might consider doing that. That way, you won't be bothered by what she says hahhaha. At the end, this is all about the boobies, and nothing else :0)

^^ A rant about Macs. I feel kinda bias here since Ubuntu and Macs are related :0)

^^ A video that fits more with this blog: "Poker and boobies..." *insert evil laugh*

^^Short and sweet. Notice the boob shirt!

^^ Viewer discretion advice!! Also, she's got a really sweet cleavage on this video!!

^^ The final one. Check it out, it's kinda neat!
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