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Taylor Amelia second part

^^ Video of her "first single" :) She loves doing silly things on camera, it's entertaining. However, watching her shake her boobs is a very entertaining for me, too.
Video uploaded by TaylorAmelia.

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Boob grabbing compilation

^^ This is a top-notch compilation work done by youtube user vipez666. Boob grabbing scenes "all the way from Bollywood to European TV shows to even Bush," as the video editor describes his own creation. A very entertaining video, indeed :)

Comic-Con hot chicks

^^ Some comedy for the nice people. There's a couple of busty girls here, too. One has a transparent dress, and the other one has really big boobs. As an added bonus, they're very pretty too :)
Video uploaded by: KassemG.

en el sex shop con mi chica

Pense que un sex shop, iba a ser una tienda oscura, con poca luz, muchos articulos para hombres, pocos para mujeres... de donde sacamos esa idea? De las peliculas, series... Aun así, nos aventuramos a ir a uno, los dos, en pareja. Y menuda sorpresa!
Encontramos un sitio muy agradable, del que se hablaba del sexo sin tabues, se hablaba del sexo anal, como de comprar manzanas, un sitio perfecto, bien iluminado, pintado con colores vivos, sin llegar a agobiar, la pareja que te atiende es encantadora... no se, un sitio genial.La consecuencia es que hemos ido ya unas cuantas veces y cada vez que vamos, hemos comprado algún artículo, de momento, bolas chinas, dos vibradores, geles y lubricantes... nuestra proxima compra seran unas esposas para jugar.
A los que no hayais ido nunca a uno, os aconsejo que lo hagais, sinceramente, espero que tengais la suerte que tuvimos nosotros.
Agrego una foto con uno de los artículos... que os parece.... el artículo?

Candid camera

^^ if you're into this sort of stuff you'll enjoy this. Basically, a big-titted chick asks the time to random men, and as they check their watch, she pushes her boobs together or pretends to adjust them. It's pretty silly stuff, really.
Video uploaded by: joseph09player.

If you love cleavage...

... you'll love this video. I wish there's more bouncing, but what can you do?
Video uploaded by: TheNyko72.

Hooray for breast feeding!!!1

^^ As you probably know by my posts, I'm pretty big in breast feeding (even if there's no babies involved). Watch this very informative vlog and so next time you see your girlfriend show her this video. It's sure to be a hit!!!
Video uploaded by spricket24.

Comida de polla y tetas de mi chica

Me aburro en esta tarde de sabado, por lo que he decidido subir una foto de mi chica, para ver si puedo subir un poco la audiencia de este blog. A pesar de que lo veo dificil.
Ella es una putita en la cama y cuando se pone, ... SE PONE.
Esta foto suya con mi miembro, me excita bastante.
Que os parece?

Ya de paso y como no se aprecia en la anterior foto, os pongo una imagen de sus tetas. Son redonditas, no excesivamente grandes... pero poner la polla entre ellas, es una pasada...

nueva vida

Desde que soy cornudito, nuestra vida sexual ha cambiado, ahora, lo hacemos muchas mas veces y es mas excitante.

En nuestras conversaciones mientras estamos haciendolo, siempre sale a relucir sus momentos de infidelidad, me relata paso a paso como sucedio todo, como se lo fue enguyendo por los 3 agujeritos, como se corria en cada parte de su cuerpo, TODO...

Lo mejor de todo, que fue real y que estoy deseando que vuelva a suceder.

Gothic girls

The other day an anonymous reader commented on how much he liked Gothic, tattooed babes. This is for you buddy :0)

Al final lo logré.

Me los puso, después de pedírselo y sospechar que ya lo había hecho, me lo confesó. Me llamó a la cama y contó que me había puesto los cuernos que tanto deseaba.
Fue una mezcla de celos, pero enseguida se fueron, para dar paso a una sensacion de inmenso placer.
Me contó los detalles despacito y mi polla se fue poniendo dura, muy dura.
A cada palabra, a cada polvo que echó, mas y mas dura.
Cuando terminó de contar todo lo que hizo, la pedí que me hiciese una mamada, tal y como se la había hecho al otro.
Mi polla no duró demasiado en eyacular sobre su boca.
Sonriendo, con su boca llena de semen, la dije que estaba orgulloso de ella.

Taylor Amelia

^^ Recently, I've found out the identity of the owner of one of the best bouncing videos out there, her name is Taylor Amelia. Since, I'm interested in exploring what other things busty girls have to offer, I present this video so you can observe Taylor's magnificent acting skills. No need to thank me, Mr Hollywood-producer-hunting-for-very-talented-people.

Donna Jones

Today I was checking out the forums at Breast Files and saw a post about her. This Donna Jones really does have some massive tits. Pretty amazing stuff. It's too bad she doesn't like 'em, but of course, she's the one who has to live with them so she must know what's best. In any case, her size is so amazing I just had to make this post.

Howdy y'all?

Have a great day :)

Über hot lesbian scene

^^ I've been hunting for this freaking scene for the past year or so. The girls are just so hot, and the tattoos just make them that much hotter :0)

Picture time!

I wish I was there :(

Sexy busty TV presenter

^^ There's a great deal of boob grabbing, smiles, and cleavage on this video. One of the best videos, I've posted in a while ;)
Video uploaded by: osomaloso65.

Webcam big tits

^^ It's a 10 minute video, but I recommend watching around the 6:52 mark. If you watch the entire thing, you'll see what I mean.
Video uploaded by: LadiesPanama.

Lindsey Dawn Mckenzie???

^^ I was watching this trick by magician David Blaine and just noticed the woman with the sleeveless denim jacket. Is that Lindsey Dawn Mckenzie? What say you?
Video uploaded by: icantfindofaname.

Fun TV show game

^^ This is a big bootie and boobies carnival :0)
Video uploaded by: espmex24.

A Gif for y'all

frustration gif Pictures, Images and Photos

^^ Something went wrong here!

^^ Fixed! :0)

How come no one is making comments? You better make a comment or else... Or else what? Exactly!

Jessy Janes signing stuff for fans

^^ I'm not really a fan of fake boobs (or so they look to me), but Jessy's fans will probably appreciate this :)
Video uploaded by: wickedpixey.

POV from College Humor

^^ I saw the boobies and just had to post the videos. In fact, I haven't even watched the videos with the sound on!!

The Big Bang Theory- Slippery Nipple

^^ I'd recommend you guys watch this show. Nothing too impressive, but you get moments like the one on this clip...

A girl with an extra gram of bounce

^^ She looks so freaking soft, has massive tits, and all that extra bounce on her... I feel like a kid in tit, sorry, candid store :0)
Video uploaded by downblousefan.

Animated gif file time

Assorted busty girls

Very bouncy candid video

^^ The bounciness level you'll experience in this video is like nothing you've ever experience before. She's bouncing all over the freaking place :0)
Video uploaded by: beautifulcandid.

Candid video of a bouncy businesswoman

^^ This is a great video. Why can't my co-workers be like her?? :(
Video uploaded by beautifulcandid.

Christina Aguilera big tits

^^ This is an "old" clip I found of Christina Aguilera. Her tits look humongous here... I know they asked in the interview if she's nursing, but I don't know, her boobs don't wobble or bounce at all, or is it me?
Video uploaded by uuuwwwuu.

Girl in sexy nightgown

^^ Like many other men out there, I find women's lingerie to be a very powerful force. A nightgown is second to none in my sexyness scale.
Video uploaded by mariavillasenor85.

Anyone here into long, sexy legs?

^^ I thought it may be neat to see something a bit different for a change. Until recently, I never really paid attention to legs, but what with the super short skirts and all, I can't help it. For the purists, don't worry other than long legs this girl has a very nice pair on top :)
Video uploaded by mariavillasenor85.

Busty babes being all pretty and stuff :)

Amateur lesbians getting it on

^^ These lesbians know how to throw a party even if there's no guys around. Damn you dildo making advancements!! and such and such :(

Homemade porn

^^ I used to think that her videos started showing up in the Internet as some form of ex-boyfriend revenge or whatever, but now I think she wants to be a porn star. She can count me as a fan of her!!
Video uploaded by fag666.

More pictures of some hot babes!!

How do you like 'em apples?

Introducing Direct Big Boobs

Direct Big Boobs is a site sure to fulfill all your boobage needs. There's tons of extremely hot big boobs content you can download there. They have a huge selection of movie scenes, picture sets of all our favourite big boob models... Go ahead, and check out Direct Big Boobs right now!!

Jennifer slow-mo

^^ Gothic chicks can be so hot. If you don't believe me, check out Jennifer here in slow motion. Tell me you wouldn't want to do naughty things to her after watching this video. We need more girls like her...

Tanya Song & Angela White

^^ I love these two lovely ladies. Tanya Song has one of the most beautiful pair of boobies ever, and Angela White's skill at tit sucking is second to none (well, pretty much). Enjoy this video, I know I did!

She knows what to wear

^^ This is Consuelo Duval. As per my custom, she's pretty new to me, however, I can see two good reasons why I ought to pay attention to her. My impression is that her dress and bra are too small for her boobies, what do you think?
Video uploaded by FernandoRetro.

Girl enjoys sucking...

^^ Kinda silly how turned on I get by watching this video... Her sucking skills are out of this world ;)

Busty girls just wanna have fuuunnn!

Cristina Del Basso topless

Cristina Del Basso Topless at Beach - Watch more Girl Videos

^^ Cristina Del Basso gets interviewed in some beach. The best part is she's topless! Yay!! Boobies!

Hungarian TV show

^^ I watched this with no sound so I cannot say whether the music is good or not. The only thing I know is that that chick in the white dress has nice boobies. Let's all enjoy the boob goodness :0)
Video uploaded by Anna055.

Dieine Eider

^^ OMFG this is the greatest thing ever since I saw Natalia Domestico for the first time. Dieine is just simply amazingly hot, cute, with boobies to (almost) die for.
Video uploaded by fabianopuc.

Busty Italian girl porno casting

^^ If you are like me, you'll be thinking "what a lucky son of a lovely lady." Now that I think about it, I do technically speaking have my own website... I should start doing my own videos, going around beaches filming girls to feature in my blog. It's gonna be hard and stuff, but I'll do anything for you guys!!

Busty girls pictures

I have a ton of pictures to post around here so y'all better cum back or else...

Of course, I'm just kidding. I love y'all :0)

Mariana Skieres

^^ What a fascinating interview! That's what someone who would actually pay attention to the interview would say. Betcha you can't find two good reasons to watch this ;)
Video uploaded by fabianopuc.

Busty babes dancing

^^ A clip from Fashion TV showing a bunch of "beautiful women" having fun, and shaking their booties (not to mention their boobies). It's not often enough that you see chicks that are so hot, with boobs this big :0)
Video uploaded by PLAYPRODUCTIONS1.
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